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We attend a Food Photography Workshop at Hedgehogs Nest in Rustenburg, there are so many aspects to this kind of photography. Apart from all the normal lighting setups I think the most important is the angle of a specific type of dish. Then comes in the background and maybe props to use with it, texture will be your main concern, depends on the look you are after. Lastly you have to work fast since the flowers quickly looks dried up or the leaves start to fall flat on the plate. The dishes with the ice cream was left in the fridge for last and in a hot summers day of almost 38deg we needed to take quick photos to give all the photographers a turn with it. 

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Sylva's Dance Studio Sylva's Dance StudioA.I.D.T - Association of International Dance Teachers

Sylva's Dance Studio

A.I.D.T - Association of International Dance Teachers

Sylva van Antwerp Owner of Sylva's Dance Studio are one of the most loved Dancing Teachers amongst Students and Parents. She is now based in Rustenburg North West.

With a list of Diploma's and Certificates behind her name, she is teaching Modern Dance Techniques, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop for fun and Ladies Classes.

Students learn correct technique, musicality, enjoyment of dancing and movement, and discipline.

Students do Yearly Excams and every 2 years being part of a Dance Production

Classes from Pre-Grade 5 years old up to Advanced and Teachers Exams.

Contact Sylva on 0832805621 or send a mail 

Enjoy and be part of the Adventure of Dance, in the Gallery of Dancers ... !  

Photographer Ronel Broderick from Ronel Photography 0824512999 or mail at Visit my Gallery HERE !



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WEDDING CAKE MAGIC !                                      TREATS  HEAVEN

The most important focus of a Wedding day will be the Bride and the Groom, their love that fill the day with much joy, laughter, their loved ones and best friends, but the next big focus point will have to be the "Wedding Cake"... So much planning and personal taste to put in one cake that will make a statement of the couple. Every Bride deserves only the best on her special day. For that personal touch that you want, you can feel the comfort working with Petro Vermaak, giving your own idea or no idea at all, with professional service in mind Petro will form that dream cake you always wanted. From the most normal Cup Cake to the Elegant Wedding/Traditional Cakes. Contact Petro for that 'Any Special Event Cake' 071 6055 184 or mail ... 

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Best Fine Art canvas and photo prints online Are you Looking for Fine Art, or some inspiration to Decorate your House, Office, an Entrance Hall, Study or any empty wall, visit my Galleries and view all the different Art Work I offer, from Nature, Wildlife out of Africa, Macro or any Artistic touch of photographs, for any special requests on any of the Art Work ,

contact me at and ...

Artist Website  

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Do you have an old or damaged photograph that you need to be retouched ? ...or even one of your favorite photos taken by yourself and just want a bit retouching done on it, I can boost it up a little to make it that special photo you actually took in the first place... from normal touch up work to repair work can be done !

You can also be more creative and experimental and let me merge a few different photos together to make an awesome piece of artwork..! An Artistic Master Piece ..!Great for the kids special events and make canvas prints of it ready to hang on your wall or even as a gift for Grandma or Grandpa...

RESTORATION OF OLD PHOTOGRAPHS !Get your memories restored and repaired

ARTISTIC VIEW OF SPECIAL EVENTSMake a life time memory of that special event, print it on canvas and hang on your wall

COMBINE DIFFERENT PHOTOS INTO ONE !Let me create a memory of a life time from that special event photos !



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MOMENTS IN THE BATH FOR THE NEW BRIDE Every new Bride to be need that special quiet private time in the bath before she is getting married, the bath will always be a place to calm yourself and relax and to get your mindset straighten out...and when you step out of there, you can face any thing and you look just super stunning ...! Elke nuwe Bruid het haar privaat en stilte tyd nodig voor die groot dag begin, die bad is altyd n plek om te dink en te ontspan en al die gebeure te verwerk ... en wanneer jy daar uit stap sien jy kans vir enige iets en jy lyk super stunning ...!










Elke nuwe Bruid het haar privaat en stilte tyd nodig voor die groot dag begin, die bad is altyd n plek om te dink en te ontspan en al die gebeure te verwerk ... en wanneer jy daar uit stap sien jy kans vir enige iets en jy lyk super stunning ...! Vir meer fotos kliek HIER..


Every Bride needs time in the bath to relax before the wedding, there she can be calm and relaxed, and when you  step out you will feel pretty and stunning, ready for the world...!  For more photos click HERE..

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Quad Bikes Quad Bikes is the most love family sport of now days, its done by children as young as 3 years to real older people, a sport for every one...

Makes lovely profile Photo's...get your portfolio now to show off your skills on a Quad Bike

Quad Bikes is a loved sport done now by people young and old for a hole family also great portraits with charachter

Quad Bike, a Family Sport

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THE FAIRY TALE WEDDING Every Little Girl dream of a Fairy Tale Wedding someday with her Prince Every Little Girl dream of a Fairy Tale Wedding with her Prince...!

I think  a Wedding Photographer is one of the most important choices the Bride and Groom needs to make, the Bride and Groom will look back at their Album in years to come and will show it to their children, not to mention all the friends and family, so it's important to choose somebody with work that you've seen and like, the small things are overlooked sometimes...the planning of a Wedding take months and so much care and love goes in that small detail, from the flowers to the small gifts on the table or on the chairs even in the church and not too mention the detail with the Bride and Groom itself...from the perfume, ear rings to the garter...Everything precious detail needs to be Captured for time to come

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Wedding Photographs is Memories for Years to come ! I am a photographer living in the North West, Rustenburg, South Africa.  My name is Ronel. I'm not only photographing Weddings, I also do Family photos and Couple Photography, or anything that comes in the frame.. and then I totally love the outdoor nature photography from wildlife all the way to macro, So please , I see what true love is in it’s purest form - best friends who are totally and completely in love.."Wedding Couples.." feel free to browse through my website.

Whether you are a potential wedding client or wants a family shoot, I know you will find what you are looking for. Please  comment on the posts – I know the couples love to read everyone's view on a subject. Or just get some inspiration or an idea or two.

Looking at the couples, I see what true love is in it’s purest form - best friends who are totally and completely in love  and that is what I capture.....Memories of that Special Day!....Memories to be Proud of!....

Thank you for visiting and come back anytime or contact me for more information at


~ Just one more note ~

I know one of the Best Photographers around... "Martin Barber"

so please go and check out his website


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